Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lauren: Favorite Game/Toy as a Child

What was your favorite game or toy as a child?
January 2, 2011

To fully disclose each and every one of my favorite toys and games of childhood would take lots of time and lots of writing space. As you will come to find out "favorite" is such a relative term. I don't have many favorites today (at 28 years old) that were also my favorites at two years old.

Apparently, there was a time during the baby food stage of my life that I enjoyed bananas. They are definitely not a favorite today. Not even a "like." The same can be said about my favorite childhood games and toys. Few were enduring and still remain as favorites today - but most were temporary preferences and so I had MANY of them. Still there are a few that come to mind.


SPIT - Spit is a two person card game. It is fast paced and fun. I spent at least two pre-teen summers completely addicted to that game. My siblings also loved to play which, of course, fueled the addiction.

MONOPOLY - This is still a favorite of mine TODAY. (Not that your Dad will ever play it with me. I beat him once and now he refuses to revisit the "scene of the crime.") I have always loved Monopoly. A tiny silver shoe, dice that always seem to be in my favor, $200 for taking a walk around the block, chance and community chest - what's not to love? When I was a kid Monopoly was played with paper money - now the bank is entirely electronic.

ANY WORD GAME - Boggle, Scattegories, etc. If it required words and a timer I was IN.


TALKGIRL - Talkgirl was this little handheld recorder/music player with an attached microphone. I loved that thing. Holly and I spent lots of time recording funny commentary over popular songs and playing them back while we peed our pants with laughter. I wish I still had some of those tapes. Our "greatest hits" included new renditions of Hotel California (by Eagles) and No Rain (by Blind Melon).

MR BEEPS - You know Mr. Beeps. Now he is your cute teddy bear with the beeping nose but at one time, he was mine. He looks so good for being so old, doesn't he?

MAGAZINES - Yes, I considered magazines a toy as a child - or more like a craft. I spent at least 60% of my childhood looking at magazine ads, photography and words, cutting things out, creating collages, and making art. Much of the art ended up on my bedroom wall and by the time that I graduated high school the wall could no longer be seen. My bedroom was one big collage.

ART SUPPLIES - I have always loved to paint, draw, color and create.

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