Monday, January 10, 2011

CARRIE- Tell about your house growing up. what was your favorite part and least fav part

hi kiddos.
i told myself i would let fate decide what question i would answer each week.
but then fate was being all deep and thoughtful and was trying to ask me questions like
"what are your three worst qualities?" or "what do people think of you when they first meet you?"
so yea.
sorry fate. i think i would like to start with a question that has a bit more fluff if you don't mind.
so houses it is!
i grew up in a few houses.
no, i grew up in ALOT of houses.
my parents divorced when i was 2 or 3 and neither of them seemed to like to stay put.
one time i sat down and figured out that my sister and i had lived in 18 different houses/apartments/rooms at a friends house/trailer (thats right, a trailer).
but my dad did settle into a house when i was in junior high and is still there to this day.
i love this house.
i loved the house even when we first walked through it.
even though it had been abandoned for years leaving the pool covered in slime and dead leaves, and the grass as tall as my shoulders. even though it smelled foul and had carpet that i think was beige at one time, but was so covered in dirt and stains i could have been totally off on that.
it had 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and that fabulous green swampy pool.
it was the first house that felt like a home.
we cleaned the place up and moved in.
our house was the place to hang out. we had more bbq's with friends and family then i can even remember.
my favorite part of the house was the pool and spa.
your auntie kellie and i spend many a summer day (and many a school day) in that pool with our friends.
your grandpa paly was quite the softy for his girls, and we pretty much did whatever we wanted.
well, within reason.
he had rules for us, but he always treated us like adults as well. as long as we kept our grades up and did well in school, he saw nothing wrong with us taking days off to swim and be with our friends.
he is a great dad.
and hes a great grandpa paly too.
my other favorite thing about our house growing up was the smell of the orange blossoms.
we had a few orange trees growing on the side of our house and when the flowers would bloom it would give off the most amazing smell.
whenever i would be away from a trip i would always look forward to coming to my house. every time i stepped onto my front porch i would say to my dad "smells like home."
my parents remodeled the house a few years ago,
and in doing so had to tear out the orange trees.
he knew how much i loved the smell of them,
the smell of home,
and he looked into trying to have one of them replanted but it was way too spendy.
but i love him for trying.
i cant really say i have a least favorite part of that house.
im so glad my parents still live there and that i can come home to that familiar place where i grew up and where so many memories are stored.

im glad that you all get to enjoy it as much as i did growing up.

here are you girls with your cousins levi and tytus on the porch of the house i grew up in.

and here you guys are enjoying the pool :)


  1. So well said!!! I'm really looking forward to you blogging on this site. You are so talented and help me remember stuff when my memory sucks. I know you will give me that "uhh really" look when I tell you this but I don't remember moving in and the nasty pool nor did I ever notice the smell of the orange trees. I'm thankful you are part of my brain in the memory department!! Thanks Las for sharing!!! Your girls are going to LOVE THIS!!

  2. First of all, as an English teacher, I must say that your writing style is off the charts! I love that your punctuation and capitalization are all wrong, and your sentence structure doesn't vary because it's completely your voice, and I can hear you speaking these words. I LOVE IT! You dad's house sounds warm, homey, and awesome. I feel like if I didn't have anywhere to live, I would be very welcomed there. :)

  3. hahaha thanks linds! i thought you might appreciate my lack of proper capitalization and punctuation :)
    im pretty sure my kids will point this out to me when they do the same thing on papers in high school and they will say, "but mom thats how you write too." and i will have no argument.
    oh well :) it is what it is!!
    kel-yea, im not surprised you don't remember. :) do you remember breaking into a window when dad took us to check the house out? that was when the pool was extremely green and slimy and the grass what a wild jungle. but its cool. ill just remember it all for you. this blog can be for you as much as it is for my kiddos.

  4. thanks las that is much appreciated! oh and nope don't remember breaking into the window. sheesh where was my brain growing up?