Friday, January 21, 2011

Danielle - Hardest and Best Part of Becoming A Christian

What was the hardest part about becoming a Christian? What was the best part?

I think the hardest part about becoming a Christian is something that I deal with every is trying to do away with thinking about myself and having my own selfish desires and motives. Instead I have to surrender to the Lord and let Him direct my steps. This world pushes you - what will make YOU happy, what is best for YOU, what do YOU want, what do YOU deserve..YOU YOU YOU!! That is all that is ingrained in us from the media and the world around us. It is easy to get wrapped up in yourself and it is part of our sinful nature to worry about ourselves more than we worry about the people around us.  It is a daily choice to choose the Lord and to choose the things that He cares about, the things that He sees, and the things that He wants. Daily I have to lay down my life to gain life in Him. Laying down my life for the Lord will make me look different. I may not be able to do the things that my friends do or say what others say. I may choose to do things differently than what the "world" accepts, but I do it all for the Lord and that is who I need to seek my approval from. All of this is something that I have struggled with growing up and even now as an adult. It is not easy to go against the norm and to stand up for what you believe but I do believe it is RIGHT! I desire to be liked by people so not agreeing with something or not participating in things is hard for me but it is the best at the same time.

Laying down my life for the Lord brings joy. It brings hope. And it brings peace! You can not gain joy by having all the things in the world (even though every commercial will try to tell you those things can). There is no hope without the Lord and peace can only come from Him. Peace, joy, and hope are 3 of the best things about Christianity. When things in this world get hard, I have peace that the Lord is with me and that He is in control. I have joy in the Lord for He is my father and the one that I can depend on no matter what. And I have hope for the future. There is no certainty in this world but there is certainty that having a relationship with my Father will lead to Heaven. Heaven - a place that  will surpass all of our expectations. A place where we can be reunited with the one who created us and where we can spend the rest of our days glorifying Him and giving Him praise. I am grateful for my life on this earth but I am also hopeful for my life in heaven and what it will be like.

Kids, being a Christian is not choosing to live the easy life. Look at Jesus - his life was not easy but look at what an impact he made and how much glory he brought the Lord. My prayer is that each of you will come to know the Father and experience His love and I pray that when you make the decision to follow Jesus that you will be ready for the hard road but the road that is the BEST OF ALL! Being a Christian is a journey but it is worth it all. Love you forever!

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