Friday, January 28, 2011

Jen: Rules Growing Up

Tell about specific rules you had, or didn't have growing up. Did you follow them? How were you disciplined if you broke the rules?"

I kind of had to chuckle at this question. I really didn't have too many rules growing up. I felt like my parents trusted me. I rarely did anything to break their trust. Guess you could say I was a "goodie goodie." ;-) I'd like to think it was the grace of God over my life. My personality, as a middle child, was a people-pleaser to the core. I would do anything and everything to please my parents. For example, washing the dishes night after night without being told. I never wanted to do anything that would hurt my parents. Just being scolded at something I did wrong would bring tears to my eyes. Guess you could say I have a sensitive personality as well. ;-)

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