Thursday, January 6, 2011

Danielle - Describe your 1st REAL date

Tell about your first "real" date. Who was it with? Where did you go? How old were you?
January 6, 2011

My first "real" date was with your dad. We started "going out" (at least that is what we called it when we were in high school) in October 1997 which was our Sophomore year of High School. My parents would not let me go out on a date until I turned 16 (which was May 1998) so we had to do group dates or hang out at our houses in order to spend time together. At that time, I thought it was awful that my parents would not let me go out on a date and counted down the days until I would turn 16. Now I realize why they had that rule and I hate to tell you but the same will be for you! (Maybe even older!!)

The Saturday after my 16th birthday was when we went on our first "real" date and your dad planned it all. I could hardly wait. It seems like forever ago now but at the time it felt like it couldn't come soon enough. I was finally allowed to go out on a date without parents or friends driving us around. Your dad picked me up at my house in his parent's light blue '91 Grand Prix similar to the one below. This was a big deal since part of his driving agreement was his parents was that he couldn't drive anyone in his car alone until after school was out for the summer.
Why didn't he pick me up in his car? Well your dad had a '86 Grand Am similar to the next picture. I wouldn't say that your dad had an awesome car but it did get him from place to place. I think your grandparents wanted to make our date special and didn't want your dad to worry about his car potentially breaking down along the way.
The first stop on our date was to the Hagerstown Park for a picnic lunch. We got to sit and talk on a beautiful May day. Later that day we went to the theaters to see the movie, "Deep Impact." Not a good movie at all but that didn't matter since it was our 1st date. Another fun thing about our first date was that we had the same "1st date" when your dad asked me out to see if we could get back together after breaking up for 6 months. (I am sure there will be more about this at a later time.)

I realize that usually someone has a first date with one of many boys that come and go through high school and college and that my story is not the typical story. I am happy that my first date was with your dad and it is something that we both shared together. Please don't expect this to be the same for you (even though it is possible). My hope for you is that your 1st date will be a special time with a sweet significant other. Choose wisely kids because your heart is something precious!

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