Friday, January 14, 2011

Jen: Elementary School

Tell about elementary school. What do you remember, what was fun. What did you play at recess? Who were your favorite teachers?

Because I was a twin, I had the advantage of never going to school or on the bus alone. Aunt Jessey was always there to hold my hand. Grandmommy put us in separate classrooms so we could develop our own friends which I think was good. She always would dress us so cute, with matching headbands & bows and everything. I remember teachers and friends complimenting Jessica and I on our outfits. I would proudly tell them "my mom made it." Grandmommy could make anything! I remember wanting to be the first off the bus to see what new additions Grandmommy had decorated our room. She had made our bedspreads, pillows, curtains, desk chair pads...etc. All in purple & white gingham. I loved sharing a room with my sister...for the most part. ;-)

Back to school. My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs.Reidenbaugh. She felt like my "mom" away from mom. She was so caring and sweet and took extra time for me to learn my cursive. She would put her hand over mine and we would trace the letters together. I loved the extra attention. ;-) My best friend was Maya. We loved going to each other's houses to play. At recess we liked playing foursquare~ a game with a ball that probably you'll never grow up to know. School never came easy, but I pray you'll always have a close sibling or friend to walk by your side through it all.

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