Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meghan: How are you and your spouse alike and different.

How are you and your spouse alike? How are you different?

The saying "Opposites attract" is so true for Dwayne and I. I'll start off with what I see are our differences, because I'll have to think about how or if we are alike. When we first met Dwayne and I learned quickly we really didn't have much in common. I grew up in a home with order and a schedule, I only moved once when I was 3(which happened to be just 2 houses down the street) and I had 1 brother. Dwayne on the other hand grew up in several different places and situations with just his mom and

3 other siblings, to a home that added 2 other step siblings to the mix when his mom remarried. One thing about our experiences growing up that is alike is that we both grew up going to church and learning about God. I am thankful for that. From the beginning I loved hearing Dwayne's stories as a child growing up from struggling on low income, to life with 5 siblings constantly joking with each other and having fun. These stories make me laugh and look at life outside the "bubble" I grew up in. My parents were able to travel, even if just to the beach, once a year with us. Going away as a family was something Dwayne had not done as a yearly vacation. Basically our childhoods were not similar in anyway other than our parents choose to raise us in a faith based home.

Our ideas and thoughts of fun, although they have conformed a little over the years of being together even differ some. I have always enjoyed being active, like going for a hike rather than lay around on a Saturday afternoon, or go swimming on a hot summer day. Also I enjoy working out and challenging myself physically. When it comes to being with friends, although I love being with them and laughing together, sometimes I would just rather stay at home and enjoy a movie with my hubby. I love going to the beach with a good book and soaking in the sun. I dream constantly about places I would love to go and see, since turning 18 I have traveled to 5 other countries and loved everyone! For Dwayne if he has to choose between an afternoon hike

or a nap on the couch, he would 90% of the time choose a nap. For a challenge he has chose to try skydiving or scuba after sitting through a 30 minute training session. He tends to be a funny guy and therefore loves the company of others especially if they are laughing at him. The beach for him is a great place also for napping and a quick dip every now and then. Reading is out of the question for him, even if it's something that interest him, he has never read a book cover to cover! Traveling is a favorite past time as well so we have 2 things alike so far! We often talk of the places we hope to take our kids someday and of the countries we would like to go back to.

If I were writing this from Dwayne's point of view he would make sure to add "We are NOT alike at all." To tell a story, I add every detail even if it's not important or necessary. Dwayne gets right to the point with no messing around. Light a fire under his butt and he will put 100% into a project. He's a perfectionist, on the other hand although I like to get the job done well I am not a perfectionist at all. I don't have the patience it takes sometimes. To add to this he literally is a handy man when it comes to anything. He can watch a youtube video on "how to…" and DO IT! No second guessing, if he runs into a problem he figures

it out. I am timid to do a lot of things because I second guess my ability all the time.

I feel as parents, although we are still new at the whole parenting thing, we agree on how we want to discipline and raise our children. Our hopes and dreams might be a little different for them. I hope and pray for little accidents as they grow up and that they would be respectful of others and love the Lord! Dwayne on the other hand sees bumps and bruises(even broken bones) as a "learning experience", and also wants them to be respectful and kind. I hope that as we live the rest of our lives together and as parents we will continue to find balance in our likes and dislikes together and as a family. I pray I never hold one of my children back because it's not something I enjoy or want them to do. This is just a few ways in how we are alike and different, I'm sure as we continue to live life we'll come across others.


  1. Megs - I really love you TWO together (even if you aren't alike in many ways). And I am so thankful for the way that God has nurtured and protected your marriage over the course of time. I look at you guys, and your beautiful family of three and am just SO HAPPY. Love you.

    Oh and you forgot to mention that you two are alike because you are both so good looking and tall and thin (well you are - Dwayne used to be! HA!).

  2. LOL Lauren!!

    So coo that we had the SAME question this week Meghan!!

    I agree. You have a beautiful family, and although it's true that sometimes opposites attract, we can still find those similar things. Also, I love the verse that says, "As iron sharpen another, so one man sharpens another." We can use our differences to sharpen eachother...not try to change eachother or get irritated with one another.

    I love what God has done...and will continue to do in your marriage.
    He is SO good and faithful!

    Love you :-)