Friday, February 4, 2011

Jen: How are You and Your Spouse Alike/Different?

"How are you and your spouse alike? How are you different?"

What drew Ryan and I together was our heart for God and our heart for missions. Ryan and I both took a year off after high school and Ryan went into "YES" (Youth Evangelism Service) through EMM (who he works with now) ;-) and I went into YWAM (Youth With A Mission). These mission experiences vastly shaped who we are today as people. It gave us a deeper heart for God and a passion to extend ourselves for the sake of others around the world.

Other areas where we are alike:
*our LOVE for travel
*we like to try different foods
*we love the beach
*we like to experience unique things (getting dressed up and going to a nice dinner or simply going to "Central Market"
*we love coffee shops and a good discussion
*we both like to swim
*we have similar views of money and how we spend it
*we're both tall
*neither of us is a "bump on a log" (inside joke)
*we would both rather get things out in the open and talk through any issue before going to bed. We never go to bed angry.
*we both love dogs... but neither of us enough to actually get one. (..yet)
*we both like to eat healthy
*we like to take different streets and drive around and look at houses
*we like meeting new people
*we both like to cuddle
*we can be very spontaneous

Areas where we are different:
*Ryan is MAJORLY extroverted. I used to think I was...until I met him ;-)
*I like to sleep in
*Ryan goes to the gym more than I do
*Ryan washes dishes by hand, I use the dishwasher
*Ryan keeps up with world/current events via internet on a daily/minute-to-minute basis. I usually hear these events from him ;-)
*Ryan has a desire to learn in formal ways. I have a desire to learn in informal settings
*Ryan has expensive taste in clothing. I like bargain shopping. (Goodwill baby!!)
*our love languages are different. Ryan's are "acts of service" & "gifts" (and of course physical touch) ;-) And mine are "words of affirmation" & ""quality time"
*I prefer CHOCOLATE anything, where as Ryan prefers fresh fruit on top of vanilla ice cream
*I have snot (I blow my nose a lot), Ryan has boogies (rarely EVER blows his nose)
*Ryan keeps his clothes folded and kept a lot neater than I do. I seem to just quickly make a pile and deal with it later.
*I like cooking to be quick and simple, Ryan doesn't mind taking a Saturday at market and cooking from scratch with all fresh ingredients
*Ryan is very opinionated and will freely share his thoughts. I prefer to keep mine to myself.
*I am directionally challenged. Ryan is the best navigator around.


  1. love this.:) so sweet you two. especially the snot vs. boogies. THAT is a new one! i think i'm the snotty one at our place. always have a sinus something or other going on. ;)

  2. LOVED reading this! and i even learned some new things about you both!
    imagine that?
    NOPE! you didn't marry no "bump on a log", chenney! ;)
    LOVE reading these!
    shout out to holly for the SUPER idea!!!!!