Monday, February 21, 2011

Lindsay - First Car

"Describe your first car and learning how to drive."
February 21. 2011

My first car was a 1991 Mazda 626, white exterior with navy blue fabric on the interior. The seat belts were automatic and would cut off your head if you weren't sitting straight in your seat. I don't think that's safe anymore, so you probably won't ever experience fearing a seat belt. I really liked this car, honest. Your great-grandpa Lanas gave it to me, and like most 16 year old kids who have their own car, I washed and cleaned it religiously. I also wasn't a fan of the interior for some reason, so I went through a phase of zebra everything. Seat covers, steering wheel cover, stuffed animal zebras in my car, zebra key lanyard, and I think that's all I zebra attire I could buy for the car. I don't know what inspired me to do such a thing, but when you're 16, you do a lot of things that are unexplainable. I have many memories in that car, and I wish it was still around. I sold it when I was in college because it was starting to rust in a lot of places. Here's a picture of mommy in her beloved zebra mobile on the morning of homecoming. The cheerleaders would go to the homecoming court's homes and decorate their cars. Below that is a picture of what my car looked like.

notice the zebra seat covers

Unlike your dad who could get his license the day after his getting his permit, I had to wait 6 months! Daddy's grade was the last one who could get their licenses right at 16. I was 3 years younger and had to follow the new law and wait until 6 months after I received my permit. So with my birthday in January, I got my license the summer of my junior year of high school. My car was automatic and Gigi taught me how to drive. She was VERY patient with me, because I had a few close calls. So yes, I will be patient with you too. Even though I wasn't supposed to drive by myself until July, I did make a few illegal drives to friends' houses. I even passed my driving instructor the one afternoon...oops! Driving is a privilege and I hope you will see it as that. Aunt Maddie just got her license two weeks ago. She's a really good driver, so maybe you should talk to her before you go for your test. I can't imagine that 15 years from now i'll be teaching Chase how to drive. I'm sure you'll do great buddy. I love you forever.

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  1. i remember the zebra phase!!! YOu were so are still so cute =) Love you!