Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lindsay - Favorite Country

February 1, 2011
"What was your favorite country you have visited so far? Do you think you will ever go back?"

I've only visited three countries, and I've loved different things about each of them. Uzbekistan - I loved the people and culture. China - I loved the food, and that was clearly seen by the 30 pounds I gained while living there for two months. Bermuda (owned by the U.K.) - I loved the climate, people, and beauty. Out of all of them, the one I'd want to go back to the most is Bermuda, although Uzbekistan comes in at a close second!

CHINA 2004:

Yup, that's your mama in the midst of gaining 30 pounds in 2004. My close friend Grace is the one in the right corner in blue and black. This was their college art class. I took some pointers...you know how talented your mom is at art. :)
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
They were beautiful and creative people!

Your Dad and I took a cruise to Bermuda the summer of 2009. It was pretty much raining 3 out of the 7 day cruise, but we made the best of it. The people of Bermuda were so polite and friendly. The island was really clean, and the architecture was so colorful and beautiful! We rented a moped and explored the island rain or shine. It was a super fun trip, and I hope we can go back there as a family some day. Here's some pictures of the different places we visited on the island:

Hamilton - great shopping and dining town

Horseshoe Bay - This is where I became a fried lobster.

This is the Royal Naval Dockyard where our ship docked.
Your dad accidentally deleted the few pictures we had of us in Bermuda. I forgave him, and I'm sure we'll take more pictures next time we're there, hopefully with you buggles! Love you forever!

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