Monday, February 7, 2011

Lauren: Talk about Something You Just Can't Get Off Your Mind

Talk about something you just can't get off your mind lately.

Kids, as you grow up you will surely learn about Mommy's passion for LIFE and advocacy for the unborn. I pray that when you are old enough to read these letters the murderous act of abortion is no longer legal in our nation. But, right now while I write this letter - it is legal.

Today, pregnant women can walk into any number of "medical facilities" and end the life of the child in their womb. They can kill a baby because it inconveniences them, because it was conceived through unfortunate circumstances, because it may be sick, or for no reason at all. Our country calls this "women's rights" or "women's health." The feminist movement champions the cause purporting that to deny a woman the option to kill the little human growing inside of her is to control her and take away her freedom. Not many on the pro-abortion side of the issue seem to recognize or address at all the rights and freedoms of the child. Abortion is a sad, sad act that victimizes not only the unborn but the women who undergo the procedure and the men who are denied any rights to preserve the lives of their children. This nation is deceived and the results are gruesome.

Abortion is legal and even encouraged by our country that currently gives over 300 million dollars in taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood, an organization that hides behind women's health care services but makes the large majority of their money by providing abortions to as many women (and children) as they can. Planned Parenthood has been caught several times denying the laws in order to provide adults and minors (kids - even as young as 11 or 12) with abortions while not reporting cases of sexual abuse and statutory rape, and while denying laws that require a parent or guardian's consent. Planned Parenthood is victimizing women and children, lying to them about scientific facts, minimizing or all together neglecting the option of adoption for unplanned pregnancies, and even recently was caught aiding and abetting undercover journalists who were posing as sex traffickers of minor children. This "women's health organization" could care less about women and children. What they care about is making money, meeting their quotas, and terminating pregnancies. And they are closely linked to our current president and our government that supports them both verbally and financially.

The entire organization, that now boasts a noble cause, was originally created to destroy the African American race. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, thought that African Americans were inferior and wanted to wipe them out (the fancy term for this is eugenics) by exterminating their children. She called Blacks "weeds" and "senseless breeders." She took advantage of the poor social, economic and educational conditions of Black Americans and tried to convince them that their pregnancies and bringing children into the world would hold them down - all the while her intention was to hold them down anyway and purify the American gene pool. She placed her facilities in poor, black neighborhoods and committed to "taking care of the problem" as she saw it. Today, most abortion clinics are still located in minority neighborhoods and a disproportionate about of minority children are being murdered through abortion.

Abortion is ALWAYS on my mind. The unborn victims of abortion are always on my mind. My passion for adoption is due in part to my loathe of abortion. Abortion denies life, love and value to children - Adoption demonstrates life, love and worth of children. To participate in adoption, to support it and to make it a part of your life is to walk in the opposite spirit of abortion. Plus, adoption is in our spiritual DNA - God adopted us into his family and we are now seated with Christ in heavenly places heirs to the throne of the Most High King. We were made to adopt because we ourselves were first adopted - and we are called to do those things that Our Father does. He is our example of LOVE and I know - through the gift of YOU, my kids- that the LOVE of a parent has nothing to do with blood and DNA. If it did, abortion would be non-existent.

Again, I hope that when you read these letters abortion has been outlawed. But right now- it is unfortunately and devastatingly legal and so Mommy is fighting through prayer, work with Pro Life organizations like Live Action, and through adoption to advocate for the unborn, be a voice for the defenseless and the vulnerable, and to parent the parentless. I hope that as you grow up you never allow our nation's values (or lack of values) to sway your own spiritual convictions about abortion and LIFE. The nation is deceived, the Prince of the Air (Satan) has designed and refined a system to destroy life in America and countless Americans are believing the lies of the system - not only believing but supporting. Do Not Be Deceived, My Loves. Fight for LIFE. Advocate for Those Who Cannot Advocate for Themselves. Speak Truth. Be a Light in the Darkness. Don't Give Up. I Won't.

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